Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where has the time gone.....

Where has the time gone!!??
A little over two weeks ago we celebrated our one and only child's 21st birthday. You know the one that talked me into doing this blog...LOL!
<----------------- Joshua

Today we are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary...and they said it wouldn't last!!! HA!!! ------------->
See how young we were back then? We were married in my Mom's living room, I wanted to elope but Dale was afraid she would worry. This is one of the few photos taken we didn't think about taking pictures, nothing fancy for us just plain and simple. The photo in the back is of my dad, he passed away 2 years prior to our wedding. We didn't notice the photo in the back ground until we were looking at photos later. It seemed appropriate that he should be standing beside me at my wedding. Yes, that's a lamp shade behind Dale's head, like I said we didn't think about taking pictures or we might have strightened things up a bit. LOL!
I have been busy these last few months with demos and now inventory....ugh! Just like Dale waiting until the last minute to remind me ! Since his rotator cuff surgery a few months ago Dale has been learning how to use a wood lathe and has made several new drop spindles, some nice wpi gauges, orfice hooks, and lace bobbins. I will try to get photos taken soon.
I have spun up some very fine (to me) lace weight yarn out of 50/50 silk and merino at 32 wpi in a 2 ply. I'm not sure what I'll do with it since I don't knit lace, wish I could just can't stay focused long enough to stay with a pattern I like. I wove a rug during one of our demos, it is handspun raw wool and locks that were dyed in indigo and madder root. I purchased it several years back with the intent to make a rug out of it one day. It turned out pretty nice my 4 pound Yorkie (Mollie) and 12 pound calico cat (Patches) are continuing to argue over just who it belongs too. I will try to get a photo of it when it isn't being occupied.........later.