Saturday, July 27, 2013

Almost finished ....finally!!!

Well its been a long journey in my opinion or maybe it just seems that way...... We almost have the house finished, we got the hallway tiled and grouted.....we just have to put up the trim around the doors and baseboards and then I can hang my pictures and be done with it. Here is Charlie helping to show off the tile work.
In the bathroom we have the shower/bath tiled and grouted, we need to finish some paint trim work and put up the baseboards and shower door. Here are a couple of peeks at our tile work.....
and another so you can see the paint color we choose it is the same color we used in the bedroom for the trim. In the bedroom it looks like a turquoisy blue in the bathroom it looks like a seafoam green.....kind of interesting.
So this will be my last blog post on the house....since I feel like we will be done with by next weekend. I can now move on to more interesting stuff like .........what's going on out in the woodshop so stay tuned for that next month...
Charlie and Rocky are ready for a walk so we will leave you.....Thank You for all your patience with us during this messy faze of our world. :)