Thursday, January 19, 2012

Updates on what is going on around here.

Well, I went for my pre-op testing yesterday and so far so good, surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. For those who don't know I have been diagnosed with endomertrial cancer.......hopefully stage one. The doctors won't really know until they get inside.......

The move with the house is still going on as planned, this will be my last weekend to help pack stuff up. We have to move out of the house so the floor jack people can fix the fallen slab of our house. The outside walls are fine it is the inside floor that has fallen. So we have spent 2 months slowly packing the house and its contents into a pod. Then they will spend 3 days to fix the floor and we will spend 3 months moving back in.......or longer since I won't be allowed to help. I have always been a better supervisor anyway. LOL!

That is why we are so slow to get things into the etsy shop right now, Dale is working on inkle looms at the moment. He has found he likes the Ambrosia maple and as long as we can get it we will use it for the inkle looms. He is also going to make a floor inkle out of the Ambrosia maple and Walnut.  He will work on spindles when he gets caught up on Inkle looms and shuttles.

Joshua, is back in school (college), working part time and still making support spindles and other items for the shop. Speaking of support spindles he was recently asked to submit a spindle to be critiqued for a book a lady is writing on Supported he will be mentioned along with his spindle in the book......more on that later.

I hope you have all found us on the ThreadsthruTime Ravelry group if not go check us out. We are a very friendly if somewhat laid back group. You can watch the shop announcements for soon to be listings on spindles, fibers, inkle looms, and all of the other items we make. Hope to see you there.......