Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiny spindles everywhere and a few mediums too!

I feel like the town crier.......the spindles are coming, more spindles are coming!!

I will be posting 13 tiny spindles and I think 5 medium spindles in just a little stay tuned to the etsy shop, the spindles are coming.

Also, if you have been wanting a medium spindle with a tiny are in luck, I have one or two with this listing but....... I will have several in a few days. They will be in the exotic woods not the dymondwoods......sorry. The density of the dymondwoods makes it relatively impossible to shave enough off to drop the weight on them that low.

So stay in where it is cool, make yourself comfy , have a nice glass of tea because..........more spindle are coming!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Please feel free to leave comments on this blog when ever you can.....I hate that empty feedback it makes me feel like someone is listening. =+}

Speaking of feedback..........please leave feedback on etsy when you buy something even if its just a Thanks or Thank You. I prefer that to a blank feedback even though it may be a poitive blank feedback it leaves us with the question........were they unhappy!? was there something wrong!? I especailly hate it when I have worked so hard on getting everything just the way they want it sending email back and forth and then we get a blank feedback from them...........were like whoa! what happened there!? Ruins my whole day....... =+{

If there ever is a problem with anything.......please let us know ...........send us a note, a email, call us, we can work the problem out. Please don't bash us on a public forum before you have even discussed the problem with us. Yes, we are extremely busy but we are never to busy to listen if you have a problem with something. We will do our darnedest to fix it, whatever it may be and how ever long it has been since you made the purchase.

The feedback comments are like icing on our cake it really keeps us going it lets us know we are doing something positive.....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are we ever going to make more spindles!!???

The short answer is .....yep!
I  posted several medium exotic wood spindles last week and there are a few left. Some of the rosewoods are getting quite scarse and when these are gone there may not be any more.....

I will be posting 19 tiny spindles on Sunday ....9 of them are dymondwood the rest are exotic woods. Dale tells me he may have a couple more and then he will be working on mediums. Here is a sneak peek..........
We have a few new small things listed one of them is a bobbin winder to go with the russian spindles or they can be used as sample bobbins in classes. There are a lot of little uses for them........speaking of a lot of uses. Have you seen the new orificer threaders? They are made to be used to thread the orifice on a mini spinner, but you can also use them on your regular spinning wheel orifice. Make sure to watch the length of them though as we are making some of them in short lengths. The shorter ones can be used with ridged heddle looms, tape looms, and the list goes on as they do have a multitude of uses.

Keep an eye on us no telling what we might come up with next.......=+}

Friday, July 1, 2011

Time out needed

The heat is getting to us and we are all feeling a bit tired and cranky lately.........we are going to close the etsy shop for a bit to give us a chance to rest, catch up and enjoy the holiday weekend........

Shop will be closing late tonight and won't open until next week sometime after the holiday..........

Thanks and enjoy your 4th of July...........

Dale, Barbara, and Joshua