Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're Back from vacation!

We are back from SAFF, we went through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia before arriving in North Carolina. The fiber show was HUGE! I have never seen that much stuff in one place. Dale got to see all kinds of new to him wheels, spindles, and he finally got to see someone else's Tri-loom. Did you see us!? Mollie was with us so we didn't stay all day....she was getting tired of riding in a bag. Mollie, had a special prize for any one who recognized...since no one recognized us she had to bring it home.

After the fiber show we decided to go over the Smokey Mountains and the foliage was beautiful....... We spent the rest of the day traveling over the mountains into Tennessee. The next day we decided to head home so we had a day or two to work on spindles and rest a while....

We will be opening the etsy store back up later today, I'll have some tiny spindles to post later tonight. Dale is working on more spindles made from some new woods, I should have them listed by this weekend sometime.
Thanks to all of our customers for patiently waiting while we took our much needed vacation..........

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dale and I haven't taken a real vacation in geesh.......probably 5 or 6 years .......maybe longer. Dale takes vacation days from work at Sinclair now Holly Corp., but we usually work on something around the house or in the yard. This coming Wednesday night, I will close up the etsy shop until we return from our trip to North Carolina. We are headed to SAFF.....Dale has never been to a real fiber festival or fiber shop for that matter and we plan on stopping at both. We are also looking forward to seeing the trees and hope the weather stays nice, although they are forecasting rain for Oklahoma. If you see us along the way stop to say howdy or just wave as we drive by.... We are going through Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi then North Carolina and up into the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee before heading back home. Poor Josh, gets to stay home, work and take care of the critters.....
Pssst! coming soon more information on a Christmas spindle give away.......stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


SCORE!!! That's what I feel like shouting every time I walk by this wheel. From the time I first saw one of these jewels I wanted one, a few weeks ago on eBay I found one. I wanted to post pictures sooner but have been busy with dyeing and posting items on etsy. I finally have a few minutes to post some photos here...... isn't she purdy!?
Yes, she's a little wobbly, you would be too if you were made about 1850 or so.... both flyer's are there and as they say in the ads everything works... LOL! It has a few worm holes and it is missing a spoke as you can see in the photo. It is also missing the distaff and most of its bone/ivory? adornments but the most important stuff is still there. Dale can make a new spoke and a new distaff in time.....

We are going to strip it with steel wool and tighten things up as much as we can .... everything is put together with wooden pegs no nails. It's going to be our winter project, like we need another one....... ppffftt!

Does anyone know how to put a drive band on one of these!!?? I have several books on spinning wheels but can't find a detailed photo...I know it crisscrosses..well anyway well figure it out. I can't wait to take her for a spin. Wonder how long its been since she went for a spin!!?? Hmmmm! If only she could talk...what stories she could tell...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dyeing and Spindles

I've been busy dyeing these last few days and hope to have it listed on etsy as soon as it dries completely. Dale has also been busy making spindles as fast as he can I should have some ready to list tomorrow.
If all goes as planned and something doesn't happen to change things we are going to take a week of actual vacation later this month. Usually when we take a week or a few days of vacation it's to work on something around the house or yard but this time we are hopeing to actually go somewhere. We are hoping to have extras items made so when we come back we won't have to scramble so hard to get things back up and running. I'll talk more about our plans later I don't want to jinxs anything. Hopefully there will be smoke on the mountains......not floods that's all I'll say. :) Back to work for now........