Monday, April 15, 2013

progress at last....

We are making progress at last..........I have curtains!!!  I still need to paint the trim boards so we can get them put up but I decided since Josh was here to help me today, we would iron and hang curtains.

Once the trim boards are painted we can then move in the furniture aka the bed. LOL!
taadaaa! curtains...........

onward and upward........:)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have a closet!!!

Finally, after more then a year I have clothes once again hanging in a closet instead of folded up in a cardboard box. My poor clothes are crumpled and wrinkled and I foresee many hours of washing and ironing before they are wrinkle free......but I hung them anyway! I have clothes hanging in a closet people!!!!

Here is a peek......this is just part of it the other side looks the same only in reverse.

I have drawers for stuff and a shoe rack down below and extra storage space that will be filled once we start emptying the POD, that is still sitting out front.

We are working on hanging curtains in the bedroom and painting the trim boards ( I finally settled on a color)   :)

 I might have a finished bedroom by the end of the month.......and then down the hallway we go.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

let's dance some more

Sorry I haven't updated this in a while just seems like its the same thing over and over again with the house. We have been working on trying to make items for the shop during the week nights and spending time working on the house on the weekends. The problem is our old bodies will only take so much.........I confess we have stopped  a few times just to rest and take time for us.

We removed the popcorn from the ceiling and closet.....and found more termite damage in the closet. We got the damage repaired and got the termite guys to finally come out and spray the house. The popcorn on the ceiling is gone and the ceiling is nice and smooth. We painted the closet and bedroom and yesterday the carpet guys came and I have new CARPET!!!! That means we can finally begin putting the bedroom back together after over a year of working on it and sleeping on cots.

Pearl enjoyed the new carpet so much she rolled and rolled on it.........

The color of the carpet is supposed to be Dessert Mint but it looks more like Dusty Turquoise to always looks different in those small samples. OH! Well It is growing on me........looks really good next to the bathroom tile.

We have to put up the trim boards and door trim and that room will be finished....well except for moving the bedroom furniture back in...... We are working on getting the closet shelving and clothes rods mounted right now. Then we can actually hang our clothes back up and place things in the drawers instead of in the cardboard boxes we have been using for over a year.

After all of this is done we have tile to put in the hallway and the trim boards to put back up, then the hallway will be done. We will then move on to the front bathroom.....the shower needs re-tiled, walls to paint, new fixtures, and cabinets. Then we are done ..........we are going to take about a year break before we tackle the living room and kitchen. The kitchen being the BIG remodel........ We also need to finish painting the outside of the house.......and its Spring finally. Spring means we have to clean out flowers beds and get the yard back in shape for planting.....

So there you are we are still working on spindles and the house........doing our dance in Oklahoma.