Saturday, March 26, 2011

more spindles coming

I will be listing a few medium tonight (Saturday) and a few tiny ones tomorrow night ( Sunday). The medium size will all be made of the "regular" exotic woods....if I don't decide to keep about half of them for myself. I sometimes feel like that little guy in Lord of the Rings....."mine, mine, all mine and you can't have any". LOL!

The tiny ones are mostly out of the regular wood with 3 of them being the dymondwood....a tiny Key Lime, a tiny Tooti Fruiti, and a tiny Wildflower. The remainder will be Rosewoods, Olive woods ............

On the home front the doctor said I could slowly begin "normal every day life" the first of May. I tried to drive the other day and was sore for it the next two I guess I'll have to be good.

My Mom is staying with us for now she is going in for Thyroid surgery this next Friday, no foolin'. Mom will be staying with us until she recovers and can go back home, she is 79 years young but we could still use a few prayers and good wishes. So once again I will be pre-occupied with other things and slow to answer e-mails.

Dale is doing his best to keep up with us and making spindles..........

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Spindles as coming!!!

I see spindles!!

I should be listing them either tonight or tomorrow some are made of dymondwood and some are made of exotic woods. Looks like they are all mediums but the weights will vary quite a bit with this group.
We should have more by the middle of next week.......

On my surgery, I am doing better.....still can't lift anything per doctors I am relying on Dale and Josh to do EVERYTHING. Do you know how boring it is to sit and do nothing!!?? I am catching up on reading but even that is getting boring.

We want to Thank everyone for being so patient with us . I want to Thank everyone who has sent me a private message or message through this blog of well wishes it means a lot to me.........

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let there be light!

I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I will be posting some inkle looms a little later and then ...cross your fingers I may have some spindles by the middle of next week.

Dale is working away as fast as he can.....since the operation I can't lift ANYTHING. !!!! I do mean anything a gallon of milk is too heavy for me to list. The doctor doesn't want me to even sneeze for the next 6 weeks....... Dale has to wash clothes, cook, vacuum, take out the trash, attend to critters, all those little things I did before surgery! He also has spindles and inkles to make as well as his real he is crabby, cranky, and plain ole tired. ....can I get a awe poor baby!!!!

We appreciate everyone being so understanding and patiently waiting for new spindles.....I think he is working on medium spindles out of "regular' woods...but don't hold me to it.