Wednesday, February 29, 2012


You know the saying if it fits it ships! We we aren't quite sure where to ship her to but she does fit.

Pearl, is a special kitty, we adopted her almost 2 years ago after I lost my 14 year old calico, Patches to bone cancer.
I have never had a cat like Pearl... Pearl was a little over 3 months old when we adopted her, she was small for her age and had health issues when she was younger. I understand they almost lost her several times before she finally got healthy enough for adoption.....guess she was waiting for me to decide. I lost Patches in August and wasn't sure I wanted another cat so soon. We were only going to look, when I picked her up she rolled with her belly up and began purring...that was it she came home with us. Pearl will still roll over and show you her belly, she loves a good belly rub. Sometimes we jokily call it her pull my finger position......if you get my meaning. I have to watch what foods I feed her she sometimes get a tummy upset.
Pearl knows no stranger which is kind of unusual for a cat. Any stranger or guest coming into the house gets the exposed belly and that please rub my belly blue eyed look. If your a woman with a large bag, you better keep and eye on it or Pearl will be inside of it exploring to her hearts content in no time. After she gets done exploring all the contents of your bag she then decides its a good place for a nap.
Pearl may have been tiny when we got her, the vet said she would be a small cat. Well something happened because Pearl comes in at a whopping 14.9 pounds these days. Mollie, my Yorkshire Terrior only weighs 5.5 pounds! So yeah! My cat is bigger then my dog! LOL! Don't tell Mollie that though she is the boss and Pearl knows it. LOL! They do play chase from time to time and it is a funny thing to behold.
Pearl loves boxes, hench the reason she is in the box in the photo, doesn't matter what size the box she HAS to get in it. I once tossed a freezer bag box in the floor when I was busy packaging fibers. I heard a strange noise a little later only to look and there was Pearl with her head in the box. If a new box comes in she has to inspect it throughly, although she knows if it has stuff in it she has to wait until I empty it before she jumps in and makes herslf a fort. LOL!
When she wants to be feed she walks up to you and reaches out with her paws and lovingly pats you with her paws.It always amazes me that she can do that without her claws coming out. It is a soft gentle pat and then if she is really wanting attention all 14.9 pounds of her will jump up into your lap,OOOHHHF! LOL! Pearl is a special cat! Just ask anyone who has met her!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

more updates

Well the floor jack guys came on the 14th (Happy Valentines) after they cancelled  the 13th because we received a inch of snow over night. PLEEEAASE! For crying out loud the roads were clear! So these guys call at about 8:45 and say they are on their 11:45 they called to say they were in our 1:00 they showed up at the door ready to go to work.
Now we have been working on this project since late September of 2011, OK! We got bids from several companies all with good names and reputations, including this one. We finally settled on a company in November after we got all the bids in from the other companies. So since mid November we have been moving out of the house. You have to move completely out so they can drill holes in the cement floor and jack the floor back up in place.
Then in late November I went to the doctor to check on a bleeding problem I was having......he took a biopsy then and there and said, "Mrs. Thomas, it looks like you might have cancer!!" You can only imagine the thoughts going through my mind...... He called the next week to confirm his was cancer!
Well here is where it gets even more twisted, the floor jack guy said he could get to the floor the first of  December.......then he changed it to January and then we got it in writing for the 13th of February. The doctor thought I might be in Stage One endometrial cancer but wanted to remove it as soon as possible. So the surgery was scheduled for mid December.......hold on not so fast says the Oncologist who was to assist, I want to go on vacation! So the surgery was put off until the 27th of January. Are you still with me!!!
So we rented a POD and began packing the house in anticipation of having the floor jacked back up and getting some renovations done around the house. This meant things were being made for the etsy store as well as packing and moving boxes. Dale of course still has his day job and Josh was working days and going to school. Things are getting made for the etsy store but much more slowly then before...
Now for the next twist.....I have high blood pressure and take medication for it which is keeping it in check. I went in for pre-op testing I flunked two of the was the EKG and the other was something in the blood was too high (kretone levels) never can spell that word right. Sooo the surgery was cancellled.....only no one told my doctor!!! I was told by the lady who conducted the pre-op testing that she would give hi the results only that didn't happen. I was also told I would have to go see a cardiologist and my doctor would make that appointment for me..... one hand washing other!!! Anyway I waited 2 days and decided to call my doctor to see what was going to be done about the surgery and the cardiologist. He had NO IDEA what I was talking about!!! He said he would call me back, within 15 minutes the phone rang and I had a appointment with a cardioligist the next day. Now the doctor also told me HE had not cancelled the surgery and it was going on as scheduled. The day I went to see the cardiologist was also the day I was supposed to begin drinking the "GO JUICE" you know the stuff that makes you go so you are cleaned out before surgery. I was told to wait until after I saw the cardiologist........she ran all kinds of test and said there was nothing wrong with my heart, some one had made a mistake. So I go home drank the "GO JUICE" and prepared for surgery the next day. The next morning I had not been allowed to drink anything the day before and could not drink anything after I began preparing for I went in dehdrated! It took them almost 2 hours to find a vein to place the IV fluids in...... After poking both my hands, feet, bend of my arms, wrist and shoulders, and not finding a open vein.....they kept collapsing. They gave me some gas and put me out, they then cut into my right shoulder and placed a cathader in a vein stayed there until I was ready to leave the hospital. Everywhere they tried to find a vein was bruised and some places are still sore.........
The suregery was "challenging" as my doctor would later tell me...but with the removal of the uterus he aslo removed all of the cancer. I do not have to take radiation or chemotherapy.........miracles do happen!
OH! Back to the floor jack guys.........Dale and Josh had to finish the packing and getting things moved out of the house. The floor jack guys finally showed up at 1:00 and began drilling holes......immediately the floor began to crack, first one the another. I told Dale I didn't like the looks of it.......I had a place out in my converted garage for me to go rest and sit while all the noise and mess was going on in the house, so I mostly stayed there. They spent two and a half days on the house and made all kinds of messses of which they didn't clean up. The base boards are all a mess the walls are filthy and I can't do anything about it. I am still under doctors orders not to do any lifting, or moving, or cleaning of any kind. They jacked the floor up about a needed 3 in some places.....and then said they couldn't do anymore for fear of busting the cement even more..... Well then why didn't you stop sooner!!??
So now we have to find a cement guy to come fill in the cracks and mud the floor!!?? Have you ever antisipated something so bad and then had it to go terribly wrong.......then you know how we feel.  Dale and Josh are sleeping on mattresses on the floor I have the only bed which isn't mine and is very uncomfortable. We have most of our belongings packed in a POD in front of the house....... We can't move back in until the floor is fixed and new carpeting put back down. In the mean time Dale are Josh are painting the walls and ceiling in the their spare time...........and I sit here wishing I could do something to help......