Monday, May 23, 2011

More, More and More

I just listed 20 medium and tiny dymondwood spindles.....go check them out when you get a chance. I also listed more of the fat tailed inkle pick up sticks as well as some mini inkle shuttles. There is one new stick shuttle in a very interesting side is pink the other side is turquoise. I doubt that will be repeated but who knows Dale is always surprising me. I am getting ready to photograph and list 11 out of 22 pickup stick or shed sticks.

 One of our customers wrote in  saying;
Beautiful! The large eye on this stick makes it easy to do "bows" and other rigid heddle patterns with large supplementary wefts such as in the Jane Patrick and Betty Lynn Davenport books. ....that they were perfect for making bows and other pick up patterns in the Betty Davenport and other ridged heddle books.

Here is a preview of the shuttles......

I hope you get a chance to have a look at some of the new items being listed.....
Happy Spinning and Weaving.......

Friday, May 13, 2011

New spindles up tonight!

Finally things are getting back to normal, we took a few days off from making spindles to just rest and work a little in the needs more work. More on that later..........

I will be listing several dymondwood spindles later tonight in the medium and tiny sizes. I just have to email everyone that they are coming, finish getting them weighed and labeled, photograped and and then I can list them. I think there are 11 of each size.........

Monday, May 9, 2011

Whew!!! What a year!!

Well if you have been keeping up with the blogs then you know how our year has been so far. To try to give you the short version......we all three, at the same time, came down with a virus of some kind the first of February, it knocked us down for 2 weeks. Then my doctor decided I had a hernia after all and sent me to another doctor who promptly removed it for me. So now I can't lift, push, move, cough, drive, etc. for several months according to the doctor in charge.
 Then the first part of March, my mom who still lives in that tiny town I grew up in, had to come to Tulsa (12 miles from Sapulpa) to see her thyroid doctor. The doctor decided the thing was growing and it needed to be removed. (That little town I grew up in is a 2 hour drive from our house), so it was decided she would stay at our house for a couple of weeks while she has surgery.
So we had Dale drive us to the thyroid doctor (I couldn't drive yet so Dale had to take off work)  test were set up and the surgery was scheduled for 2 weeks out. During one of the test a gurgle was detected in a neck vein......thyroid surgery was cancelled. We then had to go to a heart doctor which meant multiple labs, stress testing, angiograms (where they run a tube up your leg to look at your veins). Most of this time I couldn't/shouldn't be driving, Dale was having to take off work from his day job to take us to all these appointments both hers and mine. He was also having to do most of the work around the house.....Mom did what she could until the doctor finally told me I could drive and do a little light work around the house. When all the heart doctor found was a small shrinkage in one of her veins the thyroid surgery was re-scheduled for the end of April. (Remember she came here in early March) More lab work, pre-op testing, my sisters came down, mom had her surgery and all went well. My sisters went home, mom is on the mend and has decided its time to go home she has things she needs to do and get settled back in before she returns to work on the 16th of this month.......Mom is 79 years young, she will be 80 in September.  (That was the short version!!)

Sooooo all of this has put us behind on spindle making, listing items on etsy, and stuff in general. Life is slowly beginning to get back to 'normal' and we are making spindles again......slowly but we are getting there.
 At least we were until Dale's saw broke and we had to wait for a replacement part. Dale decided to just go buy a small saw and use it for back up in case his monster saw broke again. So the part arrived the saw is fixed. I had just listed some "regular' exotic wood spindles before the saw broke. I did not have time to blog about them at the time,  there are a few left in various weights. Dale says he should have several medium and tiny dymodwood (the colorful ones) for me to list in a day or two so watch for those. I have tons of fiber I need to get photographed and listed, some books, and much more....stay tuned folks.
Whew! What a year it has been and it ain't over yet!!