Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! and other stuff...

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful friends and extended family you our customers......

I wanted to let you know I will be adding more spindles intermittently throughout the next four days......some Christmas spindles and some regular spindles I have 4 large spindles to list a bunch of mediums and a few tiny spindles. I will also be listing some 3 in 1 tools and orifice photos at this time as I am in between stuffing the turkey and making gravy. So check the etsy site later tonight and tomorrow for new listings.

More big news....I do not think I mentioned this before......
I will be drawing the 3 winners names for the drawing on December the 12th about 1:00 pm Central time zone. I'm getting all nervous and excited can't wait...17 more more days and counting.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneak Peek

As promised I will be posting the next batch of spindles about mid morning on Monday (central time zone). I am doing the prep work tonight taking photos, editing and cropping them to fit in etsy. I thought I would send you a sneak peek to see what I will be listing.
To the left of the screen are the spindles we usually have........ There is 1- large dymondwood spindle- 4 medium dymondwood spindles and 4 tiny spindles in various colors.

Here is the sneak peek at the first batch of Christmas spindles...there will be another batch next week. Included in this batch is 1 large, 5 mediums, and 4 tiny spindles.
The red, green and yellow striped ones are called Jingle Bells, the red and green striped ones are Holiday Holly, and the white ones are American Holly in the natural color. The shafts are dymondwood in green or red or cocobolo which has a deep red look to it...
Those reading the blog will be the first to know they are being posted........ ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

posting tiny dymondwood spindles to etsy

I will be posting 7 tiny Turkish Spindles to the etsy site in a little this is a heads up for those reading the blog news. Six of the seven are colors we have listed in the past one is a new fall color......we hope to have more in a few days.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pssstt! Want to know a secret!

I hear Jingle Bells and see the mistletoe hanging or is that a Turkish Spindle.
On December the 12th, we are going to give away 3 dymondwood Turkish Spindles in the Christmas colors shown to the right of your screen. All you have to do is send me a note through email here ..... threadsthrutime (AT) cox (DOT) net ...... and tell me you saw this on the blog, or leave a comment in the comment box. Since, very few people read this blog (according to my stats) your odds of winning just got greater..... ssshhhh! I will draw the names from a box and post them here on the blog on the 12th for all to see. Sorry one entry per person.
You will receive your spindle thru priority mail in about 3 to 4 days (US) it takes a little longer for foreign mail to arrive.
We will also have these for sale sometime around Thanksgiving.........
Stay tunes to the blog for the latest spindle news.......

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Spindles

I just posted some Medium and tiny spindles in the "plain" woods as many are calling them. Dale is working on two special Christmas orders so it may be a while before we have any dymondwood spindles to list.

We will have some new Turkish spindles to post around Thanksgiving.....they are in Christmas colors. They are made of dymondwood and some are red and green, while others are red, green, and gold. You will just have to wait until mid November to see them.

Joshua, is working on some support spindle bowls that will work with the Turkish spindles. It is something new to him so it will be a while before he has any thing to post to etsy. The wood he bought is a bit green and needs to season to keep from cracking . He may have to find some different wood to work with for now.

We are also working on a new item which probably won't be ready until the first of next year. Once we get the design the way we want it I will still have to write directions and take photos of it for the instruction book.

I will try to post more information on new items as I can keep watching the blog for more news. If you have any questions send me a email, I'll be happy to help in any way I can........