Monday, July 2, 2012

It just keeps getting better!!!!

To tell you the truth I am so tired at this moment, I am at a lose for words.....I'll let the pictures talk for me........

Saturday, I had a dye class with 6 wonderfully fun fabulous ladies. We kettle dyed we microwave dyed, we steamed, we had a wonderful time. I was exhauseted by the end of the day....and it din't help that my stomach decided to revolt at the end of the day either. I will blame it on stress of knowing what was going on at home...!!!!

Dale was home working on the bathroom shower, he got the termite board replaced and worked on boxing in the shower again. We even have a light in the shower now! Cool I can see to shave. LOL! Then he worked in his shop for awhile working on a inkle loom special order......then Sunday came.

We decided to go ahead and pull down the one piece of sheetrock above the bathroom window, it has termite damage and would need to be replaced. We found a really rottten board with extensive termite damage... We found a LOT of termite damage and decided we needed to remove some more of the sheet rock. YIKES! We finally found the little buggers...not just damage but termites as well and more rotten boards.!!! We sprayed them with termite spray and killed the ones we could see. That dark brown spot you see is/was a 2 by 4 that ran all the way up the wall and supports the ceiling.

More sheetrock was removed and more damaged wood was found........we will be replacing several 2 by 4 boards before we can begin to get things put back in order.

This is that dark brown board after he pulled it off the on the pictures to enlarge them.
It is tottaly rotten and full of termites........

We had to stop about noon so we could make a mad dash to my Mom's, she lives about 2 hours away. If you have been keeping up with this blog then you will know for the last 2 years it has been back and forth with us. She gets sick has to go to the doctors, her doctors are in Tulsa, then she has to have surgery to remove her thyroid and stays at our house to recoperate. I also had to have surgery at about the same time for a hernia.........Then this year I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and had to have surgery.....soon after the floor guys came to work on the house and Mom had to have test run on her coratid artery...thank fully no surgery was involved just extensive testing.
So now her house has decided to shake itself apart.......I don't think the earthquakes are helping she is 50 miles away from where most of them are happening. So her house is on a wooden floor and supported by cement blocks and they are coming loose. We had to go meet with a contractor to talk to him about getting work done on her foundation. If it isn't one thing its a half a dozen more ...... what happened to the simple life!
.......and my doctor wants to know if I have any stress in my life!!!!
Stay tuned I'm sure its going to get has to doesn't it!!!