Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog......I'm as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. I'm not sure why , its sort of like the old party line telephones makes one feel a little exposed. My son talked me into this so its his fault!

I have dabbled in crafts of one kind or another all of my life it seems, I'm sure most of you feel the same way. I have sewn my own clothes, worked in sewing factories, and sewn for others. I have made ceramics and worked in a ceramic shop pouring molds. I made macrame plant hangers, chairs, and curtains with beads. LOL! I have re-upholstered furniture worked in an upholstery shop and even re-upholstered car interiors. One of my favorite jobs was working in a small pet store, I began by cleaning tanks and worked my way up to management. I have shown and trained dogs for confirmation and obedience trials. I have always had birds of some kind and still do... I have done tole painting and canvas painting, embroidery of all kinds, hardanger is still my favorite. I made and successfully sold teddy bears for about 8 years before retiring from that job. My hubby and I put on teddy bear shows in our area until my we retired from that.... Now I spin, weave, and teach others, hubby and I occasionally give demos at schools in the surrounding area. I have a etsy store at check it out if you get a chance.

Dale (my hubby) makes wool pickers, tri-looms and inkle looms in his workshop after he gets home from his day job. Dale started having shoulder trouble from pounding in all of those nails and has recently had rotator cuff surgery. He is healing up nicely and should get his arm out of the sling tomorrow. It will still be a month or more before he is ready to pound on more nails, you can see more on his web site at

Dale and I have been married more then 32 years now and in our 12th year of marriage we were blessed with a son, our one and only. Joshua is now 20 years old and going to college, he is studying computer forensics...not sure what it is but they apparently have classes for it.

We have angora goats, french angora rabbits, bantam chickens, call ducks, ring neck dove and now diamond dove. We are owned by 2 dogs Jax a Pembroke Corgi/ Welsh Cardigan cross and Mollie a Yorkshire Terrier. We are allowed to share the same space as Patches our 10 year old calico cat.

Well, I have rambled on more then I thought I would or should. I hope to talk more about spinning fiber and preparing fiber and less about me on my next post.


  1. Welcome to the world of blog-what would we do without the gentle nudges of our children! (Make fiber friends the old way I guess but this is so nice!)

  2. Nice job on the blog, and your fiber looks wonderful!