Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joshua is now making spinning tools

Joshua (our son) has recently began making spinning tools out in the wood shop, his most popular is the 3 in 1 tool sold on our etsy site. I thought I would give a little more back ground on Joshua.
Josh began spinning when he was 13 years old, which is when I also began spinning. I became frustrated with the wheel and put it in the corner for a couple of weeks before trying again. I noticed my spinning seemed to be improving at times. This is when I discovered it wasn't my spinning, Josh was using the wheel when I wasn't looking. I soon was sharing my wheel with him and his spinning was much better then mine.
At some of the spinning meetings other parents were bringing their kids, soon the kids were getting together in a corner and spinning or weaving. Another lady suggested they should form a kids guild so they did, they went to 4-h demos and craft shows where they gave spinning demos. One of the old Spin-Offs has some photos of some of the fiber spun by the kids from Oklahoma.
Joshua liked to spin on a drop spindle because when we went to demos....no one knew what a drop spindle was, they had a faint idea what a spinning wheel was but no idea about drop spindles. Josh eventually after about 2-3 years of spinning moved on to other things....
He has recently discovered making spindles and nostepinnes in his dad's woodshop so now the business is a family affair. Look for Joshua's items in our ThreadsthruTime etsy shop...

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