Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have a bridge!!

Yes, we finally have a bridge, the side rails and hand rails aren't up yet but it is usable. We will get them up over time and I am going to place some solar lights on the post so I can see at night, so it still has a few minor things to be done. Here is a photo of the creek that doesn't look like much does it!?

When they say flash floods in Creek County you better believe it looks like something. It can get from 5 foot to 20 feet across and you do not want to wade across it with tree limbs as big as you leg flashing through there. That water is moving.......we built the bridge at the narrowest point of the water flow. This is what it looks like now...

We also had a grass fire in the upper left of this photo so that is why the water hose is drug across and up the hill. Sorry about the messy yard....... that's Dale's wood barn way up on top of the hill in the back. The smaller barn to the right was his little barn but now it's the Angora goats, Angora rabbits, and chicken house. It's in 3 sections you just can't see it for the shade and trees.
Anyway, so we are back to work in the big barn working on floor inkles, wool pickers, and turkish spindles. Please be patient with us while we get caught up again! Sometimes life just gets in the way of playing.......

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  1. Oh good, I'm glad you were able to get that done (even though I've been stalking the Etsy site several times a day for a lightweight big Turkish to go with the tiny on hold and the medium at home)!