Saturday, February 12, 2011


Dale, Joshua, and I have been totally knocked out for the past 12 days by a virus of some kind. Yes, we went to a doctor and he confirmed that we didn't have a flu and we didn't have pneumonia, we had a virus......none of us had the presence of mind to ask what kind!?

It started with a dry hacking cough which then became a low grade fever and all we wanted to do was sleep. Nothing tasted good or sounded good so for 3 straight days we all slept while it snowed outside. We did drink I made sure everyone drank something ........we managed some soup and a piece of a sandwich. We hurt all over and I do mean hurt...felt like we had gone 3 rounds with a grizzly and lost all of them. We are still weak as kittens, I have trouble going from one room to another without holding something. My knees feel like they are going to buckle at any minute. Dale and Josh have a little more energy then me and are returning to normal activities.....I'm trying to keep up.

During all of this Oklahoma broke some records......27 inches of snow. Tulsa went down to -12 degrees other parts of the state dropped to -31 degrees......yes those are minuses. We are still digging our way out......during our sickness we had to shovel a path for the goats so they could get to the heated water trough. We also had to shovel a path so the two Yorkshire Terriers could go to the restroom. One of our kind neighbors shoveled part of the drive.......Dale and Josh shoveled the rest so they could get to work.....yes, they drove to work this last week.

Today is the first day Dale has been out to the wood barn in 10, No we haven't made any spindles, or inkle looms or anything else. We are going to be way behind......... I know it is late but if you are still interested in a Valentine spindle please let me know. I know, I have one person wanting a medium spindle......Dale is going to work on those today. Let me know so I can let him know how many to get made.....I know they will be late......we do apologize for that but it couldn't be avoided.


  1. Well,that sounds bad, I wish you a soon recovery from that virus and better weather for the rest of the winter.

  2. We are praying you get strong and healthy! I ordered two tiny spindles about two weeks ago (Valentines and Cobalt blue), one for my friend and one for me, and we are totally in love with this awesome beauties.

    If you guys have time, and energy for a medium or large tutti-frutti or other colorful one, I would love to place an order for it.

  3. Wishing you warmer weather to aid in a speedy recovery.