Friday, October 7, 2011


Well things change as they must.....
I have finally taken the plunge and started a ThreadsthruTime group on Ravelry.
I hope everyone goes over and takes a look we are just getting things going so it is a little slow right now. I have a suggestions thread going and several others if you have any ideas please post them there. I am still learning my way around the moderator tools so it may take me a bit.
I am going to keep the blog, I will probably change its venue since I plan on posting any new additions to the etsy store in there. I will use the blog to show you want is going on inside the barn and inside our lives so it may become more personable. I told Dale tonight to spiffy up his barn as I plan on taking you inside the interal workings soon. LOL!

So if you are on ravelry I used the same banner for the ravelry group that is on the etsy group. Just look for the long row of dymondwood turkish spindles and drop in to visit with us awhile.


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