Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whew! What a day!

Well we hauled out about 400 pounds of cement and tile out of the shower this morning. We found some termite damage in one outside wall. The damage isn't as bad as we thought, but it is termite damage so bad enough. Dale is worn out his both shoulders of course are killing him right now. So we scooted off to look at tile and cement boards and all kind of goodies. They have done away with the stuff I had picked out from several months ago, so natually I have to pick something else. Will ponder the possibilities and pick some later.....for now its sit back in the easy chair and drink something nice and cool.........tea for me......gatorade and water for Dale.

I am just trying to keep up updated on why we are so slow getting things in the etsy shop. Here are a few pictures they can say it better then me.......lovely isn't it! Here is the shower.....
or what is left of it.........
some of the termite tunnels we found.......
That's part of the bedroom.....see Dale's rollaway he gets to sleep on at night. We still have bare cement floors in the bedroom and down the hallway.

We are working as fast as we can...........Dale has a day job then comes hom to work on spindles, inkles, and other items. Then on the weekend we work on the wonder he looks tired. Please be patient with us we are doing the best we can..........Thank You!

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