Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still dancing.......

Someone asked how the house was coming along, rather then answer that questions several times I will just update the blog with the information.
We are still dancing basically..........two steps forward 5 steps back.......

Lets see where to begin, we continue to work on the house on the weekdays and the spindles for etsy on the weekends........that's about to change more on that later in this blog.

We decided to replace our foggy glassed windows for more efficient SEE THRU windows. When we ordered the windows over a month ago we were told the old ones would come out and the new ones would just slide in there place...........wrong!!!! So we painted the trim around the windows and caulked them, then took the time to remove the plants that we under the windows so they wouldn't get broken and tromped all over. The day came for the windows to go were removed and we were informed that they would have to remove the trim around the windows..... WHAT< we just painted and caulked those!!!???? Two steps now we have to repaint the trim around the windows.........five steps back.

 Dale has been trying to finishe putting up sheetrock in the bathroom....he is almost finished mudding and taping the seams in the sheetrock......Two steps forward.......MOM needs help on her house again..........five steps back!!! She has a gas line leak and they turned off her gas while she was at work WITHOUT telling her.

Mom taken care of back to mudding and taping the bathroom we were actully beginning to feel like we might get something accomplished this weekend....Two steps forward!  What the he double hockey sticks  were we thinking!!! .....the house laughed silently while we were sleeping last night, and at 3:00 am last night the hot water tank decided to bust open. It's not that old we just put it in 5-6 years ago!!!!!! FIVE steps back............

This house is beginning to remind me of that old movie.......The Money Pit!!!

"Well, I told Dale, all we need to do is buy a new dishwasher and a new garbage disposal and we will have replaced ALL of the appliances, windows, and heater/AC in the house THIS YEAR"!

This all beginning to take a toll on us.....working on the house and trying to keep spindles in the etsy shop to sell and make the rest of the special orders. We have decided to close the barn for the whole month of September. There will be NO spindles for sale in the etsy shop for the month of September so we can try to get this house in a more managable place. We will go back to making and selling spindles again in October. I will keep the etsy shop open in case someone needs fiber or books and I will be getting a few charkha's in there..... hopefully this next weekend.

Thanks for understanding..........


  1. Eek! Hang in there, Barb. For what it's worth, I think you are making a very wise decision. The majority of your spindle addicts should certainly understand, and be willing to wait.

    Prayers and good thoughts for you all. :-)

  2. My goodness, what a saga! I'm sure everyone will understand, and I hope things get better for you all soon.

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