Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have a closet!!!

Finally, after more then a year I have clothes once again hanging in a closet instead of folded up in a cardboard box. My poor clothes are crumpled and wrinkled and I foresee many hours of washing and ironing before they are wrinkle free......but I hung them anyway! I have clothes hanging in a closet people!!!!

Here is a peek......this is just part of it the other side looks the same only in reverse.

I have drawers for stuff and a shoe rack down below and extra storage space that will be filled once we start emptying the POD, that is still sitting out front.

We are working on hanging curtains in the bedroom and painting the trim boards ( I finally settled on a color)   :)

 I might have a finished bedroom by the end of the month.......and then down the hallway we go.

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