Sunday, March 16, 2014

new items in shop

Well I know its been awhile since I posted and things are moving along on the house......slowly.
We have a few new items in the shop so thought I would tell you about them.......

Dale is still slowly making Turkish spindles and Josh is still making supported spindles in between work and school when he can.

I think I talked about this new item several month ago, Dale made on e and then he didn't make another one. One of the girls in the spinning group asked about one over the weekend and he is now making them finally.

We call it a yarn caddy, I use mine for knitting and also for plying a ball when I spindle spin. It comes with 2 cones, a fatter version and a sleeker version, they screw onto the base so are easily switched out. The base site on a ball bearing swivel so it turns or spins with ease, and the base is big enough that you never worry about it tipping over.

Go to threadsthrutime etsy shop and check them out when you have the time......if they are all gone give us a little time and we will get more made.

That's it for now.....I will try to get back to writing here in the blog and keep you updated on the comings and goings around the shop.

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