Friday, October 8, 2010

Dyeing and Spindles

I've been busy dyeing these last few days and hope to have it listed on etsy as soon as it dries completely. Dale has also been busy making spindles as fast as he can I should have some ready to list tomorrow.
If all goes as planned and something doesn't happen to change things we are going to take a week of actual vacation later this month. Usually when we take a week or a few days of vacation it's to work on something around the house or yard but this time we are hopeing to actually go somewhere. We are hoping to have extras items made so when we come back we won't have to scramble so hard to get things back up and running. I'll talk more about our plans later I don't want to jinxs anything. Hopefully there will be smoke on the mountains......not floods that's all I'll say. :) Back to work for now........

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