Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dale and I haven't taken a real vacation in geesh.......probably 5 or 6 years .......maybe longer. Dale takes vacation days from work at Sinclair now Holly Corp., but we usually work on something around the house or in the yard. This coming Wednesday night, I will close up the etsy shop until we return from our trip to North Carolina. We are headed to SAFF.....Dale has never been to a real fiber festival or fiber shop for that matter and we plan on stopping at both. We are also looking forward to seeing the trees and hope the weather stays nice, although they are forecasting rain for Oklahoma. If you see us along the way stop to say howdy or just wave as we drive by.... We are going through Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi then North Carolina and up into the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee before heading back home. Poor Josh, gets to stay home, work and take care of the critters.....
Pssst! coming soon more information on a Christmas spindle give away.......stay tuned!

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