Sunday, December 5, 2010

More news from the home front

I have added a new link to the blog it lets you see whats on the etsy site .....I wanted it to show new items only. I'll work on it some more maybe I can figure it out......I wasn't born in a computer world. :0)

I should have a dozen or so Turkish spindles to post later tonight or early tomorrow morning.... I also have a few more of the new shawl pins. We had a request to make one and Dale kind of likes them so look for more soon. Josh has made a few orifice hooks and once he gets a few nights off should be making more. (Josh only gets a couple of nights off a week and being young he sometimes likes to hangout with friends.) Another thing to keep in mind, Dale likes the dymondwood, Josh likes the "plain" woods. So unless they have a special request those are the woods they will be working in most of the time...

We have been working on the new updated version of the web still needs work. If you want to take a look here it is it will carry some of the big items for now as well as a link to the etsy site.

Only 8 more days until I draw the 3 winning names for the Christmas Turkish Spindle giveaway... See past postings for more details.......

Well that's all for now I need to go see what that crashing noise was.....anyone want a rambunctious kitten for the holidays....???!!!?? arg!

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