Sunday, July 24, 2011


Please feel free to leave comments on this blog when ever you can.....I hate that empty feedback it makes me feel like someone is listening. =+}

Speaking of feedback..........please leave feedback on etsy when you buy something even if its just a Thanks or Thank You. I prefer that to a blank feedback even though it may be a poitive blank feedback it leaves us with the question........were they unhappy!? was there something wrong!? I especailly hate it when I have worked so hard on getting everything just the way they want it sending email back and forth and then we get a blank feedback from them...........were like whoa! what happened there!? Ruins my whole day....... =+{

If there ever is a problem with anything.......please let us know ...........send us a note, a email, call us, we can work the problem out. Please don't bash us on a public forum before you have even discussed the problem with us. Yes, we are extremely busy but we are never to busy to listen if you have a problem with something. We will do our darnedest to fix it, whatever it may be and how ever long it has been since you made the purchase.

The feedback comments are like icing on our cake it really keeps us going it lets us know we are doing something positive.....


  1. (waving hand) I'll make a comment! Haven't bought anything in awhile, but I used my Tiny during the Tour de Fleece as my travel spindle when I had to fly back to KS for my grandma's funeral. It fits perfectly in an oversized eyeglass case with lots of room for fiber. I packed it full of homegrown Shetland singles until just its tippy-toes were sticking out; so cute! I have drooled over the Arctic Blue colorway, but can't really justify another tiny....

  2. Ooo ooo! (also waving hand) I've never commented, because I've been too busy SPINNING with your beautiful creations!!!!! I am deliriously in love with the three spindles I've purchased from you: Gorgeous woods, meticulously crafted, perfectly finished and flawlessly balanced! The shuttles for my loom make me smile because the woods that Dale uses and finishes them with, motivate me to weave with them. I've NEVER been disappointed in working with you regarding my orders, and am always on the edge of my keyboard (lol) to see what you're next offerings will be! I LOVE Threads Thru Time.

  3. I love my two spindles, and I am definitely planning to get another large one as soon as I get the money together!!!

    Maybe some of the people who leave blank feedback aren't that eloquent and don't know what to write? And maybe they are just rushed for time? But you're right, a 'thank you' is a good way to fill that empty space!