Monday, January 31, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly news.....

The Good news is.........yes, we are going to continue to make spindles. I have been asked that a lot lately!!?? "Are you going to continue to make spindles??" Where is that coming from I wonder? .......Anyway the good news is Yes, we are! I will continue to let you know here before I list news spindles. I will be listing a few tiny spindles later today in fact. We were able to get some more of the Cobalt Blue dymondwood and I will have 3 to list today in tiny. There will be two other new colors to list also a lighter Artic Blue and a new Cranberry color.

The Bad news is that Dale is tired and so production has been slow...also the barn is cold even though I solved his cold feet problem. :) We are going to rest a bit this month, so we are going on semi-vacation mode. I will list a few spindles when he feels like going out to work in the barn. That means the listings for spindles will be slim this month but there will be listings...see the good news above.

The Ugly, I have been putting this off and can no longer put it off.....postal rates have risen and I am going to have to go up on shipping cost....ugh! I hate doing that!

So there you have it.........all the news that is news :)


  1. Glad to hear the coldfoot problem was solved with the new winter storm coming. I'm sorry we tired Dale out - but his spindles are so nice! We can't help being greedy. Please forgive us fans :)

  2. He is feeling a bit sore and achy so I really think he is coming down with something. It is best to let him take it easy for awhile so we will mostly work on Valentine spindles and a few inkle looms.