Monday, January 24, 2011

More spindles......

I will be posting several medium dymondwood spindles later tonight if you have been waiting for them here they are.......some new colors and some old colors.

We apologize for taking so long to make spindles right is cold in the barn! We did get it insulated and we do have heat out there but the cold cement floor even with thick pads is hard on our feet and legs. So we are doing the best we can and sitting a lot.
Note: If we ever build another barn with a cement floor we need to put heat pipes in the floor. LOL! Yeah! like that's gonna happen!
Oh! We have also listed more of the Limited Edition Spindles, we are on numbers 6 through 11 at this you still have time to get one. We will have our next special spindle ready in a week or so...stay tuned.
NOTE: The Limited Edition Anniversary spindle will be the only one numbered all other special spindles this year will NOT be numbered.


  1. I want them all! What a rainbow (great photo). Sorry that Dale has to sacrifice his comfort in the barn to make these spindles.

  2. Beautiful colors (I want a pink one :-) )! Sorry to hear about the cold - that can be miserable.

  3. Sorry unexpected company arrived just as I was getting ready to shoot photos last night....I will be listing 9 Medium spindles in a few minutes.

    I got Dale some of those thermal socks hunters wear and he says they are helping to keep his toes warm and toasty. :)

  4. For keeping feet very warm, make custom insoles. All you need to do is put a thin layer of unspun fiber in the bottom of your boots/shoes, and it will felt from the friction and body heat as you wear them. Keep adding thin layers until the felted thickness is what you like. It is especially good with very warm fibers -- seconds of angora, goat or bunny, is just great!