Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's going on!!!

Pardon our dust! LOL!
Dale and I took the weekend off to work on getting my little spinning shop re-organized. My little shop is in our converted garage......we weren't using it for anything but storage anyway! :)

 Dale,  made me a few storage bins to tidy the place up a bit.......we still need to make two more to replace the plastic drawer organizer's I am currently using. I actually have more room! YEAH!

It has taken him away from making spindles .............sorry! :(  That is why we have been a little slow this last week getting them out and listed. We are working on more spindles and will hold off making the last two storage bins for a little while.....not too long though.

 I have been spending the last few days finding new places to put things. I even re-organize my personal book shelf...(not shown in photos). While getting the books taken down I fell off  my two step ladder and hurt my arm. How do you fall off a two step ladder? I had been using the first step and must have absentmindedly stepped up on the 2nd step, which I rarely do anymore. I stepped down as though I was on the first step with a heavy shelf in my hands and stumbled backwards into my drumcarder table. I am just glad the 2 cats and my Yorkshire Terrier which had been under foot all day, were no where to be seen when I fell or the shelf would have hurt one of them. I have a lump on my arm just below my elbow on the bony part of my arm......which rest on the table when you type on a keyboard........making it uncomfortable to type.  :(

Here are pictures so you can see what we have been doing lately........I did just post a few tiny spindles and will be posting some orifice hooks and more fiber as soon as I get pictures taken. Click on photos to see bigger and more detail if interested.......

Storage bins below.....skeins above ...........

Wire store rack for more fiber and finished items and the dye cabinet and place for small parts. .                                                                           

We move around the corner past the dye cabinet to the drumcarder table..............

Drumcarder table and drumcarder.......more drawers and .......oops! That wasn't supposed to be in the photo. Ignore the Zuca cart......

Moving past the drumcarder table we have one of those nasty little plastic drawer things that needs to be replaced. It is in front of the spinning stool ....and more storage bins along with books  for sale.

Another photo of the small storage bins, book shelf........and the second ugly plastic drawer organizer that needs to be replaced......
So there you have it the newly re-modeled Threads thru Time store display....... LOL!

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