Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life happens sometimes and it can't be helped

Life just happens sometimes........

If you have been following this blog, then you will know back in February we all three came down with a bad virus at the same time. You may not know that that was the same time Oklahoma was socked with a record breaking snow fall. The temps stayed below freezing for over a week..... Now here we were all three sick, the animals still needed feed, ice had to be broken and water carried.....we muddled through some how. We did however forget all about the 2 Koi  fish ponds........

The pipes broke on the biggest pond and unknown to us the water emptied out of the pond. This is a big pond Dale and Josh dug it by hand, it is 4 foot deep in some places by 20 foot wide and 12 foot across. All but about a foot of water drained out of this pond during the worst part of winter and we were all too sick to notice. Then of course I had my hernia surgery and Mom came to stay for several months while she had surgery. The Koi in this pond were huge and about 16 years old..........we lost them all...it still makes me sick to think about it. The little pond was a smaller pond and the first one we dug by hand also. It is about 2-1/2 foot deep and 7 foot across one way and 5 foot the other way. We cemented it when we made it so we wouldn't have to line the pond, well it froze and developed a few cracks. Then a 5 foot tall crane decided to have lunch on my goldfish that had survived the winter, while the water level was low in the big pond.

Where is all this leading too you are wondering!? Well Dale has a full time job working days at Holly refinery in Tulsa, he is a draftsman only they don't call them that anymore.....he's a pipe designer. He comes home we have dinner and then he goes out to the barn to work on spindles for 2 hours. He comes in the house and then we work on packing and shipping for another 2 hours before he takes a showers and goes to bed. I give spinning lessons, answer the phone, take care of critters, take photos, answer a bazillion emails, and take care of the general work associated with a home business, as well as housework, LOL! Sometimes on the weekend we work on stuff in the yard like mowing, gardening, weeding, and now repairing the fish ponds. All of this adds up over time and we are WAY behind on making spindles and getting them listed for this we apologize but ...life just sometimes happens. We did finally get the little pond lined and rescued 10 surviving goldfish. You can see the finished product here-------------->

We would also like to Thank all of you for being so patient and for all the wonderful comments I have seen on various blogs, chat groups and especially Ravelry. We also want to Thank all of the stores that have asked to carry our spindles both here in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. We wish we could accommodate all of you but there just isn't enough of us to go around and as I mentioned ....Life happens sometimes. We are both in our mid 50's and there are no plans in the works to retire or change our ways.....so life will just have to happen and we will continue to muddle through as we always have.......

I have and will be listing spindles mostly on the weekends and I sometimes just don't/can't find the time to let you know in advance so watch for new listings on the weekends for wood items. I have been adding Ashland Bay fibers to etsy as I get the photos taken and will continue to do so.... I also carry Louet spinning wheels and drumcarders, Majacraft wheels and Kromski wheels... I don't always have a full inventory but can drop ship to anywhere in the USA if your in the market drop me a email and we can talk.

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