Wednesday, August 24, 2011


OK! So Dale and I got out in the heat Saturday, cleaning out and rearranging the was 102 degrees in the shade........not sure what the heat index was. We have had temps in the 100's for about 3 months now......everything is dead or dying. Garden is gone, my cotton is about a foot and a half tall, trees are dropping leaves, its horrible outside. We did have a little reprieve the second week of August it rained for the first time since early May, the temps dropped into the 90's for a week it felt wonderful. LOL! I know that sounds weird but it felt good for about a week and now we are back to the really bad heat. Anyway back to my story........
Dale and I are both over weight and in our mid 50's........when we were younger and slimmer it was nothing for us to work from dawn until way after dark outside in all kinds of weather. We built the barn Dale has his wood shop in, the smaller barn, which houses, the chickens, goats and now storage but was his old wood shop. We have put up retaining walls along the creek to stop erosion, we still need to work on a few areas. Dale and Josh dug by hand our 20 by 14 foot Koi pond that is 4-1/2 feet deep, we then drove out in the country and brought back huge rocks to go around the edge of it. That is just some of the things we have done around this place...we have done as much at all the places we have lived so we are no strangers to outside work or heat..........but this time it ZAPPED us big time..........I guess there comes a time when even we have to admit when we are getting OLD!!
We had intended to work in the garage on Saturday and then finish up 20 or so spindles on Sunday and get them listed.....yeah! that was the plan! Sunday we were worn out, we stayed in the house and just zoned out! Both of us felt sick, my back was killing me, Dale didn't feel good. So we didn't get the spindles finished.
I listed 10 tiny dymondwood spindles last night and will be listing a few medium and large spindles a little later today. Have you ever wanted a Large spindle that weighed a medium spindle weight? Have you ever wanted a medium spindle at a tiny weight? That is what I will be listing......they are mostly made from the recycled Walnut, Pecan, or cherry trees lost in the winter storms and the cherry was lost in a strong wind storm several years back. I was talking to Dale about the trees last night and he said the Pecan tree belonged to a friend of his and was lost in the ice storm back in 1996 he thinks.... That tree was HUGE it would have taken 2-1/2 people to link arms around that tree to give it a hug. The walnut was a tree that fell during a bad ice storm about 5 years ago. It was a huge tree in a lot next to where Dale works....he managed to get a big piece of it to save. The cherry was a big old tree......big as a old cherry tree could get and was lost during a wind storm a few years back.....they say it has the sweetest cherries on it. While all the trees are lost they are not forgotten we can carry a piece of them with us to cherish for years to come....... So get them while you can they we do have a limited supply of this wood.

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