Friday, August 5, 2011

Wholesale and bulk discounts!!??

I get this question all the time, " Do you do wholesale or bulk order!?"

Unfortunately, NO! Not because we don't want to but because, we just do not have the inventory on hand to do it.

Let me try to break it down this way......... Dale still has a day job and works 8 hours a day....not counting the 20 minutes to and from work each day. He comes home and takes a quick 45 minute nap...... We then eat supper...were from the South ya'll we eat supper. Around 6ish he then goes out to the woodshop and works for 2-3 hours a night.........he then comes in and we take care of packaging and getting labels put on items that need to be sent out.  Depending on the day it can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.....A shower and then he lounges/naps in front of the TV until about 11:30 or 12:00 when he retires to bed.....gets up and does it all over again.

It takes at least a week (7 days) for him to make 10 - 20 spindles......if he doesn't have to stop to do something around the know husband chores. We do not have (spindle and looms) inventory except for what you see in the etsy store. Dale is a hard person to work for....I've tried, Joshua has tried, and other people have tried. If it isn't up to his standard it doesn't get put up for sale.... period! Joshua, has started making his own stuff but if Dale say nope it isn't listed.

From start to finish......the spindle whorls are rough cut out...then they go to the router to have the holes cut out. Then they are sanded smooth, polished, and buffed. He then takes them to the wood lathe where he turns the spindle shafts, fits them in the whorls, sands them, test fits again, polishes and buffs at a time.

We can't do shows anymore....for one I have stomach problems which makes it hard to travel. The other reason is we don't have the inventory to go to shows......we would hear you all screaming for miles if we stopped selling spindles on etsy so we could carry them to a show somewhere. For this same reason we do not have bulk discounts either.

We used to do shows......we have been down that long hard road.......getting everything packed to go to a out.....setting up for the show....packing up after the show.....driving...eating out.... unpacking when we get home and are too tired to even care if it gets unpacked.........been there done that and have the t-shirt to prove it..... =+}   I'll sit at home in my fluffy slippers, sipping tea in my pj's......Thank You very much! I do miss meeting the people, and talking to everyone but a body can only take so much.....

I know I've probably repeated myself here several times ...I'm not that good a writing........I tend to write like I talk on sentences and all......... LOL!

On another note:

I hope you all understand we are doing the best we can.......Oklahoma is in a drought temperatures are the highest they have been since the 30's grass is all brown and dry.......Dale is working in a air-conditioned barn but even at that while the temps outside are high (115 degrees today) in his barn its in the 80's. We are loosing animals to this heat........they have cool water and we even have fans on them.......its hot! Night time lows are in the high 80's.....its hard to breathe when you step out the door...please help us pray for rain..........I know there are other states that are needing it as bad as we are.........Texas is one of them. Water rationing is looming and has begun in several small towns .........rolling black outs are being discussed....its bad!!

Ok, I'll shush now........thanks for listening!


  1. Oh, heat... how I hate it!! I'm in SW Pennsylvania and we aren't having it so bad, but I grew up in the high desert area of Southern California, where it would be in the 100's for weeks at a time.
    All you can do is know it won't last forever.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for gentle rain in your neck of the woods! --sue

  2. I eat supper too, even though I live in Illinois. :)
    115 degrees! And I think 90 is getting a little too hot! I know I haven't commented on anything recently, but I have been faithfully reading your blog since the Christmas giveaway.

  3. Josiah, when it is that hot, its like the moisture is sucked out of your lungs when you go outside. It is really hard to breathe, at least for me. The chickens, ducks and such all stand around in the shade with their wings spread out away from their bodies. The goats dig a hole and stay in it..... You go outside and you hear birds are singing, no barnyard noises, a few crickets, and ciclids thats it! It has rained all this week began on the 6th and is ending today. We have been in the 90's and it feels wonderful, nights have been a little cooler. We are once again supposed to get up in the 100's this next week, not looking forward to it....